The truth of things is the chief nutriment of superior intellects
--- Leonardo Da Vinci-----
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Demon Riario. Because why the fuck not.

hha love it *o*


David S. Goyer chiacchiera con il cast sulla loro scena imminente!


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Giuliano Medici: ‘I’m dying, Vanessa.’


Fangirl Challenge
[2/5] - Favourite Villains - Count Riario (Da Vinci’s Demons)

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Actor Blake Ritson of the show “Da Vinci’s Demons” attends the Starz Sleep No More Event at The McKittrick Hotel on October 10, 2013 in New York City.




Gifs of Tom Riley, Blake Ritson and cast from the Da Vinci’s Demons “Worldwide Fanfare” featurette. Florence April 2013.


Hell is empty and all the devils are here

They’ve got a very similar quest. They both want to get their hands on this [key and to open] ‘The Book of Leaves.’ It’s just what they want to do with it when they’ve got it that’s very different. I think Riario respects Leonardo’s mind, he respects where he’s heading and what direction he wants to go in when he gets there, but Leonardo doesn’t necessarily have that respect back in the other direction. … Now that’s something we’re exploring in Season 2. Tom Riley (x)